Sell It!

You have something to sell. You need to find the person or company who wants it. That's never been easier than it is with VideoAdds! Think of us as your video shopping mall, where you can sell your product or service by showing exactly what it is!

And VideoAdds isn't just a mall: we're a community, too, where you can exchange tips on shooting better videos, learn selling and mareting techniques, and target exactly the right customer.

At VideoAdds, there aren't any preroll ads, and there's no video clutter: just what you want your prospects to see. It doesn't get any easier than that!

The power of video advertising

With Videoadds, you post online visual classified ads--something that text or still images can't even touch for effectiveness. And you can extend beyond just what you're selling here: we can help you get SEO mileage as well and boost your company's visibility online.


Videoadds is unique and affordable

With Videoadds, you create your own unique video of up to five minutes showcasing the advantages and benefits of your specific products. You can even upload a TV or video commercial that you've produced previously--without paying the exorbitant rates associated with television ad time! In fact, posting your Videoadds content costs less than a dollar a day, which is much less than most other types of advertising and marketing channels.

Videoadds has hundreds of different advertising categories to choose from to sell your product. But if your particular category doesn't exist, don't worry; we'll create a new category at your request!

Sell your product on Videoadds

So stop rolling the dice and crossing your figures with 20th-century advertising methods. Let Videoadds combine the impact of video advertising with the global footprint of the Internet so you can reach countless new potential customers. Why not get started today?